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Nearly All Set

15 Jun

for this blog.

I finally re-formatted all the posts and yeah, I am glad about that. I don’t want to see so much html code in such a short amount of time at least for some months now. The categories and tags still need some tweaking, and I still haven’t figured out how to make pictures show up centered or how to create a free line, but overall, I’m quite happy with my change to wordpress. That is, except for two things: 1. as much as I like this “girl” theme I use, the flexible width it comes with makes reading posts really tiring the larger the screen is, I think; 2. I sometimes think that there’s some weird kind of auto-formatting going on with the posts.

Anyway, so yesterday, I changed the privacy setting to allow visitors.* And today I discovered that the setting that notifies blogs I linked to in my posts is turned on.

Ugh. I thought I had turned that feature off for now. What’s freaking me out a little is that I don’t know where links to my blog show up (except I check each and every post yet again which is NOT LIKELY right now).

And, I intended to get more public with the change to WordPress. So really, what’s the deal?

I think it has something to do with: I started blogging in August 2005 and nearly all the time it was a private blog. Yes, I know that I’m making an elephant out of a mouse again. As if just because of those links the hordes will be coming in. And I’m pretty sure I would have turned this feature on by myself someday.


* It also seems that setting the privacy level to global (allowing search engines to find the blog for example) will link my categories and tags to the global categories and tags page on, not to my other posts in the same category or with the same tag. That’s how I thought categories and tags would work and which is the way I want them to work (mostly). So it’s good I didn’t go all the way from private to visible to all and everyone, I think.