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Project Of The Month: Civ III On Deity – Final Notes

30 Nov

What I did:

  • I started a fair number of games on Deity difficulty setting, around 2-3 each week
  • I created even more starting positions, around 5-10 for each game started
  • of all the games started, only one made it into the Middle Ages (France, posted about it earlier); all the other were abandoned due to be even more unlucky with resources than in the game with France


  • Deity difficulty doesn’t like me. After I reveal a bit of the map, it always turns out that most of the AI civs have better starting positions or at least better surrounding terrain than my own civ. So it should be possible to get something good for my civ, too
  • I need to work on my warring skills – a lot. Not that I was involved in wars in my games on Deity difficulty (for that I didn’t play long enough), but with my “special charm” regarding resources the key to get them is by war. So – I started an “Always War” game on Regent difficulty (the link is to the first “Always War” game ever played on the Civilization III Succession Games Forum, back in March 2002) this Monday to overcome my tendency to wait and wait I don’t know for what ’til it’s too late. It’s coming along quite well (= I don’t think I’ll lose). But then, there are players that win this variant regularly on Deity difficulty …

Final thoughts?

  • maybe I should get back to my France game. After all, it was my longest game and at least I had two extra furs which I could use to trade with the AI
  • One day I’ll win Civilization III on Deity difficulty. I just have to work on my starting moves and my warring skills

That, and finally getting lucky with resources …

Project Of The Month: "Civ III" On Deity

1 Nov

Civilization IV was released about a week ago and since I can’t play it right now (old PC), I thought this is the right time to do something new: start a Civ III game on Deity difficulty. In the original Civilization III, this was the highest difficulty level; in the add-on Conquests one higher level was added. I won two games on Emperor, but I was always chicken to try Deity. Before I start, I’ll have to look up the advantages the AI gets on this level.

I decided now is the perfect time for trying a Deity game, with all the enthusiastic reviews coming in about Civilization IV. I need something to occupy me, otherwise I would just spend my whole time drooling and reading about Civilization IV.

Well, actually, I did just that the last couple of hours. There are some interesting reads out there:

During the next days I will read some succession games played on Deity difficulty in Civilization III again and check some other useful articles to feel better prepared to finally do Deity. The goal is to survive as long as possible in the game so that one fine day and after a couple of tries, I’ll be lucky enough (able?) to win on this difficulty setting.