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Anything Wrong With That?

4 Jun

I spent the whole afternoon playing with LibraryThing. Entering books (just romance novels) until I reached the limit of the free account, playing with tags, looking at my author and tag clouds, looking at the libraries of members with similar books, and so on. I’m totally in love, happy, and already think about upgrading.

Then today, “my” three Laura Kinsale books arrived: Midsummer Moon, Seize the Fire, The Prince of Midnight. In the evening, I spent some of the time on the floor in the living room, fondling the books because 1. they are finally here; 2. nice covers; 3. they actually have all around 500 pages! I couldn’t believe it, I’m so used to 300 pages and then some.

So there I sat, looking at the books, touching the books, being happy about the books.

Of course, this must seem pretty strange to other (non-reading) people, but there it is. It was a good day for the reader in me, first LibraryThing, then long romances (and Laura Kinsale at that), and I’m really nearly giddy.

Is anything wrong with that picture?