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Robin D. Owens – "Heart Dance"

3 Jun

GENRE: Romance / Science fiction (Futuristic)

PUBLISHED: Berkley Sensation, 2008

WHY THIS NOVEL: part of series

The back blurb:
“Dufleur Thyme knows that emotion has no place in scientific experiments, and she cannot allow distractions in her own surreptitious quest to redeem her father’s time reversal studies. For Saille T’Willow, time is running out. He’s the premier matchmaker of Celta, but has yet t o start the family he yearns for. Knowing that Defleur is his Heart-Mate, he sends out his HeartGift, hoping it will find its way to her and enable him to stake his claim.
Little does Saille realize that Dufleur keeps receiving his HeartGift – and rejecting it. She wants nothing to do with a Willow, the family that destroyed her father’s good name. But Saille is determined, and the attraction between them is undeniable. When one of her experiments imperils Saille’s position, Dufleur must make a choice: she can retreat to the solitude of her lab, or stand with the descendent of her enemy as his HeartMate…”

The setup for the conflict between the hero and the heroine in Heart Dance is great. Defleur and Saille come from families who are on bad terms with each other; the thing Dufleur wants most of all, the rehabilitation of her father’s name, endangers Saille’s position; and, as if these two things aren’t enough, Defleur has severe trust issues.

Saille became head of his house a few months ago after his grandmother put herself in a cryogenics tube to await a cure for her illness. All her life, she sought to thwart Saille, her heir, because after a long line of female heirs he was the first male heir. She hid his heart mate from him and severely damaged the reputation of his heart mate’s family to cause as much obstacles as possible between them.

Defleur is Saille’s heart mate and as a result of his grandmother’s intrigues, the reputation of her family is ruined and she is forbidden to work, that is experiment, with her family Flair – time. Defleur wants to clear her father’s name whose death in an explosion lead to the ban on the time Flair. He was working on a spell to reverse time to cure illness. Defleur picks up his work in secret, figuring the discovery of something this important will lead to the rehabilitation of her family. Her success would not only restore her father’s name and rehabilitate her family, she would also help Saille’s grandmother regain her place as head of the house, and in turn destroy Saille’s life. With all this, it doesn’t help that Dufleur has huge trust issues.

So Dufleur’s and Saille’s path to become a HeartMate couple is long and lined with obstacles, each of them with the potential to destroy their developing relationship. As I said, a great basis for conflict. Yet somewhere along my reading, I somehow didn’t care about the characters as much as at the beginning. I still had fun reading, but I wasn’t really engaged in the story. Apart from thinking that Dufleur’s actions in relation to her mother were not all that understandable, and liking that Dufleur and Saille were able to help each other, I’m afraid I can’t remember more of what I thought about the story and the characters. But then, I read it over two weeks ago. In my notes, it’s graded with 4(-)/5 so it couldn’t have been bad.

As with all the other novels in this series, there are a few new glimpses of the world Owens created on Celta. Behind the cutesy names and the possible danger of the Flair concept turning into a deus-ex-machina element, the world building in this series is well thought out and balanced with more and more fleshed out political and social relations.

I’ll read the next one, Tinne’s story, and then I’ll see.

Would I recommend this novel? Probably yes.

Would I read this novel again? Yes (as part of series).

Grade: 4- / 5