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Things To Do

8 Jun
  • re-formatting posts
  • figure out how to get pictures to show up in the center.
  • figure out how to get a free line between paragraphs.
  • decide if I want to go with BE spelling or AE spelling; really, I think it’s all over the place right now

Some future posts I think about:

  • a post about genres. Really, I drove myself nearly crazy with tagging the books in LibraryThing. Is this a paranormal romance or isn’t it really a fantasy? Is this science fiction or futuristic (which I see more as “fun” and “without any reality”)? This isn’t the first time that happened, it always get really hazy when I read a crime/mystery type of novel (there I go again) or “general fiction.” So I think it wouldn’t hurt to take a closer look at the genre thing.
  • some kind of “reading series” posts. I thought about this for some time. With the series I’m reading, which installment did I like best? I’m not sure the grades would stay the same if I read them in a row. So yes, I’m pondering this angle for some time now. I also think it would be a good incentive to buy the “last” Black-Dagger-Brotherhood novel to complete the set of the first six brothers. Because right now, I’m not terribly interested in getting the newest one.