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September, 24, 2009

24 Sep

Currently Reading

Duran, Meredith - Bound by Your Touch

Bound By Your Touch by Meredith Duran

I started it yesterday evening and I’m on page 71 (chapter 4). I’m loving it. I also thought this

“[…] You are an actor who plays his role very well, but you did not make the role possible. Society did! Given the opportunity, science could deduce the pattern that guides your action, and account for every one of them!” (58)

[bold = in italic in the text]

a very nice surprise. I was tickled pink to read it and I’m hoping there’ll be more.

Currently Playing

Runes of Magic

But in fact, I barely read. At the moment, there’s a lot going on and I feel slightly stressed. It’s not just the construction here (the vacuum cleaner noise is 24/7 for some time now), there are also other things. And when I feel stressed, I’m more likely to play games than to read I guess.

So yeah, still Runes of Magic. I’m far from a fangirl, there are quite a few things rather off with the game, but it helps me to relax and you can play it for free. (How far that will get you is another matter).

Anyway, they released the second chapter last week, The Elven Prophecy, which added new content. They also opened a new server for the new players here. I started a new character there. I’m a bit fed up how some things go on the server my first character is. When a difficult quest comes up, most players look for a high-level character to help. Which means, I don’t learn a thing about playing my character because the high-level character takes care of most everything.

This will certainly be different on the new server, at least in the beginning. Funny enough, I didn’t have much time to play, so I’m actually rather behind in levels to some players who started a new character there too. But still, compared to the other server, playing is very relaxed and easygoing on the new server.

Added benefit: there are also less lags (so far).


September, 12, 2009

12 Sep


In the mail this week

Currently Reading: One Sinful Night by Kaitlin O’Riley

I’m just a few chapters in and so far, I’m liking it although there are two things I’m usually wary of:

  • The heroine is one of those stunningly beautiful women no man can help but fall in love with or at least want her. I’m a bit weary of these heroines because often there is nothing else that explains why the hero loves the heroine except her beauty. I’ll have to wait and see how that turns out.
  • The heroine and the hero knew each other when they were younger. They were in love then but they parted ways (due to a misunderstanding I think at the moment). I’ll have to wait and see if it’s one of those misunderstandings that could have been cleared up in a conversation that would have taken less than five minutes.

I actually think this novel will pull it off without annoying me too much.


Currently playing: Runes of Magic

  • This week, I learned what a pain in the ass crafting really is in this game. I had my suspicions before, but now, after spending the week leveling up my crafting considerably, I know it’s much worse than I’d feared. You need to spent hours gathering materials (if you don’t by your materials in the auction house). And with each level up, you need more. URG
  • I did my first instanced dungeon. Yeah! It was a random group and because we had a rather high-leveled knight, we were never really in danger of being wiped. But then, we had two characters several levels lower than the recommended level for that dungeon. For a random group, we did rather well, IMO. No(t much) pulling of mobs from characters other than our knight and overall, an okay experience. I learned not much about the bosses and their skills in that dungeon but *grin* I learned one or two things about my skills. I also learned not to forget to look at my mana pool. And yeah! I finally could tick off the quests I needed to complete there.

August, 30, 2009

30 Aug

It looks like the workers are coming to an end, at least in terms of noise. Since Friday afternoon, it only sounds like someone is vacuuming with a giant vacuum cleaner. That’s progress, right?

Currently Reading

Hardy, Kristin - Under His Spell

Kristin Hardy – Under His Spell

The last few books I read didn’t really grab me, so I turned to a trusted author–Kristin Hardy. I was sure I would get a nice and enjoyable story and I was I right. Good move, good move!

It’s the story of Lainie, who once had a teenage crush on J.J., and J.J., who is one of the best ski racers in the world. Lainie knows what kind of life J.J. leads–have fun, play hard, play fast–and her teenage crush has since turned to scorn. She wouldn’t get involved with J.J. for money.

I’m a few chapters in and my favorite part so far probably is this:

“I have to go,” she said faintly, telling herself to pull her hand away. But instead she just stood there, staring stupidly at him.
“I know.” He placed something in her fingers and closed them over it, then raised her hand to his lips.
“Is that one of those moves you’ve learned in Europe?” Lainie asked unsteadily.
“We haven’t even scratched the surface of what I’ve learned in Europe yet,” J.J. said. “I’ll see you around, Lainie.”
And he turned and walked away.
She opened her hand and found one of the serenity stones they sold in the gift shop.
Carved into its surface was the word beginnings. (54/55)

Currently Playing

I’m still trying to figure out the ins and outs of Runes of Magic. A few days ago discovered the in-game shop for example. I don’t mean the cash shop where you invest real money to get special items in-game, I mean the shop where you can pay with coins you can earn in the game by doing daily quests. BTW, it took me how long to get that? Anyway, it offers some of the items I previously thought only available by investing real money. So that’s something.

In terms of characters, I have three now. My main character is stalling a bit at the moment. I really need to play in groups to get some of the quests done. Unfortunately, my experiences so far were mostly bad.

Yesterday for example.

We were five players in the group. The player who’d asked me, my character, and then later three others joined also. The group was all over the map and really, what’s the point of that? I stuck with the one who’d asked me and when I saw him getting attacked by several beasties, I tried but I couldn’t save him. They then turned to my character and after they were down (phew), I see the other player still lying on the ground.

Uh-oh, I knew what would come.

I had mage as my primary class, priest as secondary at that time. I was asked to resurrect* him. Priests can resurrect but only when they are the primary class. So I said, “no, sorry, I can’t at the moment.”

When he came back he was slightly pissed that I didn’t help as in “resurrected” him. Huh? Going on to say that I didn’t stay with him…when the others were all over the map; implying that it was my fault he went down…when he was the one who ran ahead without caution in an area he was slightly too weak on his own, not only jeopardizing himself but my character, too. Being surrounded by four beasties at the same time is no fun when you’re playing a mage.

He ignored my replies.

I could do without that. I left the group and I did the quests on my own.

I did not once encounter a situation where I was in danger of losing my life after that.

To be fair, I had a very nice experience with another player a few days ago but sadly, most of the time so far, it’s been like the one above.

(* And what did they think when they “improved” the resurrection spell the way they did?)

Currently Playing: Runes Of Magic (free2play MMORPG)

4 Aug

ETA: added pic

Runes of Magic (RoM) is a MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) and it’s free2play. You just have to download it (which can take some time).

RoM - Mage_Priest

my mage/priest character in RoM

It started in spring this year and I joined last week. As always with RPGs, I wanted to play a bow-wielding character. In Runes of Magic, that’s a scout. While I downloaded the game, I looked around on the respective forum – I like to be prepared – and discovered that the scout is in a depressing state in the game. Seriously nerfed. There were enough threads about that on the forum that for the first time, my first character in a RGP wasn’t a character who specialized in bows.

My reason: from what I could see, RoM is a fairly complex game. I would need to learn a lot of new things, not the least of them would be interacting with other players as I have only very rudimentary experience with playing massively multiplayer games. Playing a character class which most consider hard to play due to some balance problems would probably not be a good choice.

So I was intimidated and settled on playing a mage as my first character. They are supposed to deal much damage and if I went with a priest for my second class, I thought I could be rather self-reliant and not have to deal all that often with looking for a party. So I did just that and created a mage/priest character (level 16/12 atm). Now I and every other player I meet in the game are playing a mage/priest character.

I made a scout yesterday.

Here’s a trailer:

Of course, I already have my share of OMG moments like

  • when another player said “hi” and I couldn’t figure out fast enough how the chat worked. Embarrassing and right on my first day.
  • when I tried again and again to catch a monster with a lasso for a quest and it just wouldn’t work. After I don’t know how many tries, I looked at my quest log again and discovered I’d tried to catch the wrong monster. Doh! The only thing I can say in my defense: both monsters, the one I needed to catch and the one I tried to catch, were crabs.
  • yesterday, when I got a new skill and a shiny new button for it.
    I’d turned myself into a player killer. Yikes!
    I panicked because I imagined all the other players rushing to me and beating me to death. I clicked some more on the button but the sign above my character’s head that proclaimed me a PK didn’t disappear. OMG! Would this thing never go away now?
    I exited the game. Right after I’d signed out, I had a very good idea how to turn that thing off.
  • I really need to look into the “aggro” thingy and how it works so that I won’t mess up too much when I’m playing in a party.


In other news, I’m still trudging through Kenyon’s The Dream Hunter. I started Margaret Atwood’s The Penelopaid (also takes place in Greece and has some mythology) as a distraction.