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Film Nights

18 Dec

The Boyfriend went out of town on a business trip a few days ago; I watch films in the evening to take a break from reading (I finished three books over the weekend).

I started with:

Pride and Prejudice – BBC


What I especially like in this version is that important (positive) developments for Elizabeth’s and Darcy’s relationship happen outside. The letter, the conversation with the aunt, and the second proposal – all outside, whereas the first proposal is inside. I just like to think it’s a fitting connection because Elizabeth is so fond of being outside and of walking.

Then of course I had to see:

Pride and Prejudice, the film version from 2005


I like this movie. It’s beautifully filmed and has some really good scenes – the hand thing, the near kiss at the first proposal (outside!), Elizabeth in the white room with the statues. One problem: What’s with Keira Knightley scrunching up her face to show whatever?

And then, to make it complete, I watched:

Bridget Jones’s Diary


My favorite scenes: the one in the hallway when Mark tells Bridget that he likes her just the way she is; the interview, at the end of Mark’s answer to Bridget’s question about the trial – I like his look. He seems like he wishes for himself what he says then.

Yesterday evening, it was time for:


Ahm, I mean:

North and South – BBC


Those who know of my blog very probably know my post about this film. So I’ll just say: it was the fitting conclusion to my evenings of girly romantic films.

But tonight, it’s definitely time for something different:

Battlestar Galactica