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Wednesday, 19 May

19 May

Edit: corrected two mistakes


Today, I had to quit reading Pamela Clare’s novel Hard Evidence on page 37. I’d thought the heroine looked stupid several times already. And on page 37, I encountered the last straw I could take today and I had to stop (there goes my evening of reading on the couch).

Tessa, our plucky heroine, is a “cop reporter” and, or so the reader is told, she’s good at her job. On evening, she witnesses a murder right before her eyes. The next morning, she phones the police and is informed that the police won’t release the report yet or issue a statement (18). Tessa decides to run with the story anyway, making it a “first person, eyewitness account” (18) and the front page for the next day’s issue of the newspaper.

On that next day, she’s asked by the Chief of the police if she’d considered that she’d made herself a target. Tessa says yes but also says she thinks herself safe because now everyone knows what she knows. The Chief agrees that viewed like that Tessa’s right but he also points out that there are easily several other reasons why the killer still might want to see her dead. Tessa, our experienced cop reporter, is surprised… Then later on the same day she accidentally meets the man she suspects is the killer and…is surprised why he knows her name.

That’s when I had to stop.

I’m going to continue reading that novel because I like Pamela Clare’s voice and writing. But I sure I hope that Tessa eventually shows that she’s the good and experienced reporter she’s said to be and that she starts to consider the consequences of her actions in some way before she acts. Because so far, I haven’t seen it once. And that’s too bad.


Remember Bebedora? My little warrior-woman reached the top 100 today.

(For some reason, the hair color of my character turned from blond to brown after the last update of the game.)

~ * * * ~

Oh, and I’ve written my first longer book comment in ages. Woohoo. I think I’m even going to post it. But today I had to get Tessa off my chest, I’m sorry.


I’m A Scaredy-Pants or: Playing “Bioshock” (PS3)

23 Mar

Bioshock is a first-person shooter. I usually don’t play this kind of game – I nearly always have trouble with the controls (probably because I’m slow) plus I’m a wuss. Which means, if I play one, I usually need more than double the time than other players. But Bioshock comes highly recommended for its story, the Boyfriend was interested, too, and it was on sale – so we bought it last month.

I took a look at it on the weekend.

Bioshock takes place in Rapture. Rapture is a city under the sea. Basically, it’s a city without rules for science, art, industry… Everything goes. You’re playing a survivor of a plane crash. The game starts with your character adrift at sea. You see a lighthouse in the distance. You go up to it and, with no other way to go, you enter the lift in the building and go down. And end up in a utopia gone wrong.

Right away, my wuss-factor kicked in. I heard voices that signal that I’m not alone. And because it’s a shooter, I know that most of those voices belong to beings who aren’t all that friendly. So I inch forward, take seconds to shore up the courage to turn a corner, and then I’m still startled when something jumps at me. As I said, I’m a scaredy-pants. This of course means I bungle the controls and get hit. Even better are the times when I finally turn a corner and find – nothing.

But even though I’ve only played a few hours, there’s something to this game. It has a great atmosphere and I like the philosophical background. It also has a puzzle element that I like. I’m also expecting a few twists (I just know there have to be some with this story) so I’m going to inch forward with the game. And I’m already scared as hell because I know I eventually will have to go up against a Big Daddy – a kind of protector for “little girls” (the bubble headed thing in the trailer). These Big Daddies can turn nasty as hell. When I went looking for a trailer for this post, I came upon one that showed a fight against a Big Daddy. The way this Big Daddy used its drill – sick. The game isn’t rated “Mature” for nothing.

Bioshock – rated M

Here’s the beginning that details more about the vision behind Rapture:

And here’s the launch trailer, showing mostly Big Daddies (not the one I talked about above):

February, 4, 2010

4 Feb

At the moment (well, the last few weeks/months actually) I’ve been rather meh about blogging. I don’t have a really good reason for it, like being swamped with work for example. Or that I’m busy playing.

I play, but not a lot. In fact, I’m thinking about quitting Runes of Magic. There are a number of reasons but if I go into them, it’ll be a whole post and I just don’t want to open that can of worms. Basically, it comes down to the unease I had from the beginning about the business philosophy behind it. Also, the post probably wouldn’t be all that interesting if you don’t play as well.

So anyway, where was I? Ah, yes, being meh about blogging. I guess it just comes down to that I don’t feel really inspired to write. Now I just have to accept that and wait.

Good thing I still feel inspired to buy books.

And conveniently, I received a 5-Euro-off coupon because Valentine’s Day is coming.

Currently Playing: “Persona 4” (PS2)

12 Jan

Our computer is now running smoothly again (new video card + new power supply installed on the weekend) so of course I had nothing better to do than start playing a new game on…the PS2!

It’s Persona 4. I really really liked Persona 3, especially because for its story, and although I only played Persona 4 for a few hours, I think I’m going to really like it, too.

The main character, the character you play, is a male teenager. He just transferred to the small, tranquil town Inaba from the big city where he’s going to live with his uncle for a year because his parents took a job overseas. Only, the town isn’t so tranquil anymore. Strange things are happening and two persons turn up dead in mysterious circumstances.

Persona 4 is centered around a mystery. Who and what’s behind these murders? The police doesn’t look like they could be much help because the murders seem connected to an alternate world that exists besides the real world and is accessed through TVs, something the police would have trouble believing.

A strange-looking bear lives in this alternate world. And shadows. And the shadows seem to have something to do with the suppressed part of humans’ self…

The first hours are very much like a movie. Lots of story and the first battle doesn’t happen for well over an hour. I can’t wait to find out what happens next in this game this evening.

Atlus USA Trailer: Persona 4