April 2010

30 Apr

Edit: added grade for Naked Edge by Pamela Clare

* * *Books* * *

Books bought / ordered:

Books read:
C. T. Adams & Cathy Clamp – Touch of Evil (3/5)
Pamela Clare – Naked Edge (5/5)
Jillian Hart – Homespun Bride /3/5)
Sherrilyn Kenyon – Seize the Night (3/5)
Susan Napier – Price of Passion (3,5/5)
Raeanne Thayne – Dancing in the Moonlight (3,5/5)

  • TBR pile: – 6 books!

Favorite novel:
Pamela Clare – Naked Edge

New-to-me authors:
C. T. Adams & Cathy Clamp, Jillian Hart, Susan Napier, Raeanne Thayne

New-to-me authors I would read again:
C. T. Adams & Cathy Clamp, Jillian Hart, Susan Napier, Raeanne Thayne

* * *Games* * *

Games bought:

Games played:
Runes of Magic (PC)
Bioshock (PS3)

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4 Responses to “April 2010”

  1. Christine Monday, May 3, 2010 at 12:47 am #

    You changed your layout! I love it! –the colors and the header motif! 😀

    Way to go knocking six books off your TBR! I’m glad to see they were all decent, too. You left off a grade for Naked Edge. Is that because there’s a review coming? No pressure! Believe you me… I’ve written maybe four reviews in four months!

  2. Taja Monday, May 3, 2010 at 6:54 pm #

    Christine – yup, that’s me. I can’t manage to post regularly but sure need to change my layout constantly. *g* Thanks for saying you like it. 🙂

    LOL about Naked Edge. I just plain forgot the grade, no review coming. I wouldn’t know what to write except that I really really liked it (5/5). And four reviews in four months? That’s four reviews more than I!

  3. nath Wednesday, May 12, 2010 at 8:38 pm #

    Oh wow!! You didn’t buy any books!! How did you do it? LOL. Sounds like an okay month, no? 🙂

  4. Taja Thursday, May 13, 2010 at 3:39 pm #

    nath – I think what helped the most is the fact that I’m barely visiting blogs at the moment. That’s where I get the ideas which books to buy. No visits – no books! (usually *cough*)

    Otherwise, yes, it was an okay month for me. 🙂

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