Two Paranormal Romances, One Harlequin Presents

19 Apr

I’ve read three novels this month not counting Pamela Clare’s Naked Edge which I started in March.

The first one I read was Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Seize the Night. I thought it an okay read; liked the heroine actually. I didn’t get why EVERYONE was so set against Valerius. Maybe if I’ve read the other books, it would have been different. But with just this novel, it almost seemed like Valerius was facing a bunch of mean girls instead of grown men. What else can I remember? Not much, actually. And that’s why I won’t run out to get the other novels in this series although I think its world rather interesting. (3/5)

Next up was another paranormal romance: Touch of Evil by C. T. Adams & Cathy Clamp. Again, I thought it an okay read. The most interesting thing IMO was the twist on vampires. (But then, it reminded me a bit of a science fiction TV series.) The main weakness IMO was the heroine. The novel is told in first person from the heroine’s POV. Especially in the beginning, I thought it a bit boring to stay in her head. Kate has a super-cool job, is cool friends with everyone and she is Not Prey, which gives her a super cool status in world of this series. In short, everything I read about her is supposed to make me think her a great and cool gal to hang out with. It was a bit exhausting and boring. Do I really need to know every thought she has about a certain TV series to show me how hip and cool she is? Is she really cool when she charges way less than everyone else for her (super nice) apartments and doesn’t know how to pay the next electricity bill? For that matter, how can she tip (way cool!) everyone left and right then?
There’s also a romance. I didn’t think Tom and Kate had much chemistry although I liked that in this romance the usual roles seem to be reversed: the woman is supposed to be the alpha with the man going all weak in the knees at her strength. Fortunately, this doesn’t keep him from seeing her clearly. Kate just said that she knows what it means to be a leader:

He shook his head and thrust his hips upward, making me gasp. “No you don’t Kate. You wear your Not Prey status like a shield, or some sort of invisibility cloak. You leap into battle without consulting anyone, or even thinking about the consequences. That’s not leading. That’s just plain pig headedness and foolhardy to boot.”

I’m actually not sure why Kate is able to fight the vampires when she can’t evade it. The way I understand it, they are stronger than humans and Kate doesn’t seem to have a solid background in anything that would come in handy in such a situation. But then again, I’ve read this novel nearly two weeks ago, I’m very fuzzy on details by now. Besides, Kate is cool. She can pull it off.

(Kate is not really as annoying as she probably appears in my comment above. But it’s the thing I remember best about the novel. That, and the explanation for vampires. 3/5)

By then, I had enough of paranormal romances and turned to Price of Passion by Susan Napier, a Harlequin Presents. Price of Passion is a novel that mostly relies on misunderstandings. They didn’t annoy me outright but I thought it got a bit old when every conflict between the heroine and the hero centered around a misunderstanding. Thrown into that is an unwanted pregnancy although there is a little twist to it which I liked. I preferred the later chapters to the first chapters – some nice dialog there IMO. Actually, I liked the writing in general and despite not being really blown away by this novel, I wouldn’t hesitate to read another book by Napier. (a slightly better than okay read because I liked the writing. 3,5/5)


4 Responses to “Two Paranormal Romances, One Harlequin Presents”

  1. Christine Monday, April 19, 2010 at 11:47 pm #

    Hey there! Good to see a post from you.

    So I take it you haven’t read the Dark Hunter books that came before Seize the Night? Then you probably missed some of the hatred and angst that was built up against Valerius in the previous books, particularly in Zarek’s book, Dance with the Devil. Those two books are fairly closely related. Plus Tabitha is the twin sister of Amanda who is the heroine in Kyrian’s book… umm… forgot the name. Anyway, I guess there’s some build up to both the H/H in books that came earlier in the series. I read the Dark Hunter books several years ago and they were some of my first paranormal romances and I LOVED them. I wonder if I was new to them NOW if I would think as highly of them. My guess is no.

    What else is new with you? I miss you!

  2. Taja Tuesday, April 20, 2010 at 11:51 pm #

    Christine – hi!

    You’re right, I didn’t read the ones before. 🙂 I guess I thought it hard to believe that everyone hated Valerius, even those who didn’t know him/had met him before. Good thing at least the heroine was sane and around. 😛 I actually don’t remember what has been the big deal about him. (Can’t be much then, eh? 😉 )

    Maybe you’re right about the time and reading this series. So far, I’ve read two novels in this series, the first one a few months ago, and while I like the Greek mythology background, I’m sure I won’t go looking for the other books in the series. Maybe if I get another one for free… *thinking* …or maybe better not. LOL

    Guess I need to steal your time with an email! *g*

  3. nath Wednesday, April 21, 2010 at 3:38 am #

    Hi Taja!!! how are you doing?

    I see you’re back to this template. Got tired of the dark colors?

    Seize the Night wasn’t the best book in this series. I didn’t like it very much and I’m not fond of Valerius. Also not a fan of Tabitha, disliked both of them. Basically, the guys hate Valerius because they’re Greek and his Roman… and Valerius’ father was a jerk. It’s unfortunate, but that’s life.

    I also read Touch of Evil. Didn’t enjoy it enough to continue reading the series.

  4. Taja Wednesday, April 21, 2010 at 7:50 am #

    nath – I liked the colors just fine (need to change them here), but I was fed up with the less than smooth scrolling and slow loading of the other template I experienced. 😦 So I changed.

    Yeah, so Valerius is Roman and they are Greek and his father was a jerk and that makes him a jerk, too. Okaaay, I can see that. Not. (That’s what I remembered, thought there had to be more.) Some of them weren’t even Greek if I remember correctly. In addition, that was around 2000 years ago, I think, and at least some of the non-Greek could have gotten over themselves. They weren’t the least bit involved, right? Instead, they all act like a bunch of high-school girls that gang up on one unfortunate, different-from-them girl. Oh lol.

    Touch of Evil – I’m not sure if I’m going to continue. There are an awful lot of series around and while I thought the vampire twist interesting, there were a bunch of things I thought huh? In short, there are better series to follow, IMO, so…

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