December 2009

31 Dec

* * *Books* * *

Books bought / ordered:
Helen Brooks – The Millionaire’s Christmas Wife
Claire Delacroix – Fallen
Eloisa James – When the Duke Returns
Kathryne Kennedy – Enchanting the Lady, My Fair Lady, Double Enchantment

  • I probably won’t get the Helen Brooks

Books read:
Kelley Armstrong – Dime Store Magic (4/5), Industrial Magic (4/5)
Liz Fielding – The Bride’s Baby (3/5)*
– really liked the beginning; relies on, rather understandable, misunderstandings; liked the author’s voice
India Grey – Mistress: Hired for the Billionaire’s Pleasure (3/5)*
– really bad title; the heroine is into crying, acts and looks dumb mostly for plot reasons; interesting “Presents” appropriate language; enjoyed myself despite all that
Michele Hauf – Kiss Me Deadly (3/5)*
– quite okay
Leslie Kelly – Slow Hands (3/5)*
– quite okay
Maureen McKade – A Reason to Live (TBR Challenge; 4/5)
Maggie Osborne – Prairie Moon (4/5)
Karen Robards – Tiger’s Eye (Re-Read Challenge; 3,5/5)
Linda Warren – Once a Cowboy (3/5)*
– quite okay
Nancy Warren – Speed Dating (3/5)*
– nice and slow development of the romance; thought a novel in the NASCAR line would be much more “racy.”

  • TBR pile: – 5 books
  • * = I read them all very fast. I wonder that’s why they all ended up with 3/5

Favorite novel:
I don’t really have a favorite. I really liked Maureen McKade’s A Reason to Live and I loved Maggie Osborne’s Prairie Moon for the most part but both missed the special something to turn them into a real favorite. I also can say that after reading and enjoying Kelley Armstrong’s Dime Store Magic and Industrial Magic, I’m really looking forward to reading the next in that series, Haunted.

New-to-me authors: Liz Fielding, Leslie Kelly, Maureen McKade, Maggie Osborne, Linda Waren, Nancy Warren

New-to-me authors I would read again: Liz Fielding, (Leslie Kelly)*, Maureen McKade, Maggie Osborne, (Linda Waren)*, (Nancy Warren)*

* depending on the story

* * *Games* * *

Games bought:

Games played:
Runes of Magic

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3 Responses to “December 2009”

  1. nath Thursday, December 31, 2009 at 11:37 pm #

    I’m glad you’re enjoying Kelley Armstrong’s series 😀

    You did great, reading-wise, Taja 😀 and how come you think you won’t be getting the Helen Brooks?

  2. Jace Friday, January 1, 2010 at 5:50 am #

    I’m reading Fallen by Claire Delacroix right now and I can say I’m intrigued enough to want to get the next book, Guardian. 😉

  3. Taja Friday, January 1, 2010 at 11:56 am #

    nath – yeah, I’m rather pleased with my reading this month. *g*
    Helen Brooks – I received an email telling me they had problems getting it but they would continue to try. Usually this means no book although I’ll have to wait until February to know for sure.

    Jace – oh, that sounds promising! Thanks. 🙂

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