August, 21, 2009

21 Aug

The workers are still around and the noise they make is seriously interfering with my work. And reading time. I have trouble concentrating. In addition, I’m treated to more “men talk about women” talks than I ever wanted to.

Good thing the workers are supposed to be done on Monday. Let’s hope they keep to schedule.

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Kennedy, Kris - The ConquerorKris Kennedy – The Conqueror

This is a medieval – yay! – so chances are I would have bought it without the many positive comments I read about it. And because of the many positive comments, I know this novel was well received.

But, uhm, so far, I’m afraid I don’t get it. I’ve just finished part one (page 161) and I have two things that keep me from really enjoying this novel.

  1. An impetuous heroine who is somewhat of a dimwit
    I really hope my opinion changes but at the moment, I’m thinking the heroine is a dimwit. It starts with the heroine drinking liberally because when you’re in a tight spot and need a clear head about you there’s nothing better than get roaring drunk. She then proceeds to not realizing that as a rich heiress, the way to her father’s land is through marriage to her. She flees, and some time later the same night she’s rescued from the man who wants to marry her and went after her by a mysterious man, then brought to a safe place, and told to stay put and keep her mouth shut. The next morning, she’ll be taken to her destination (an abbey) by someone. Of course, she babbles and then has to flee again, going to some place else (not the abbey), only to land in an even direr situation than the one she’d left behind. When she’s rescued yet again and finally delivered to the abbey, she thinks something along the line: she couldn’t believe she finally made it there. Huh?
    For a woman who’s lauded as intelligent and in possession of a sharp mind it sure doesn’t show itself in matters of politics. To make it even worse, she later goes on to endanger someone dear to her because she just can’t keep herself in check and babbles again (and the plot needs to move along, I guess).
    She’s supposed to be one of those impetuous heroines but still, I hope this improves over time.
  2. I had no idea what could happen all in one night
    Nearly the whole first part of the novel covers what happens in just one night. The first chapter starts at sunset. By morning the next day, the heroine flew from London, got caught somewhere outside of London by the henchmen of the man who wants to marry her, took part in a fight against these men together with a mysterious rescuer, galloped somewhere to safety with this rescuer, mucked things up there, flew to another place with a stolen horse, got trapped there, got rescued by the mysterious rescuer again who also happened to be there, galloped to yet another place, had a bath, slept, lost her virginity and realized the mysterious rescuer is very probably the love of her life (the last two could be the other way around actually).
    Trying to get a time handle on all this made my head spin. Either horses are way faster than I think or the countryside was literally littered with houses, castles and whatnot at that time.

Clearly, The Conqueror is more on the fluffy side of medievals. No problem, I got it. And believe it or not, I’m looking forward to what comes next. Such is the lure of a medieval for me. It also doesn’t hurt that I think Kennedy has a rather engaging voice.


3 Responses to “August, 21, 2009”

  1. Christine Friday, August 21, 2009 at 7:09 pm #

    Trying to get a time handle on all this made my head spin. Either horses are way faster than I think or the countryside was literally littered with houses, castles and whatnot at that time.

    LOL!!! I’m glad you enjoyed it despite the things that made your head spin. I read my first medieval romance earlier this month and LOVED it! I should really write a review, as I haven’t seen a whole lot of talk about it around … it was Knight of Desire by Margaret Mallory. And I might add, it takes place over several months. I actually like when romances span more than a week or two. It makes the romance so much more believable to me.

  2. Taja Friday, August 21, 2009 at 10:49 pm #

    Christine – I don’t want to give a false impression. This novel takes place over nearly a year. It’s just that first night that left my head spinning. I just couldn’t figure out a reasonable time frame for all that had happened! LOL The romance between the heroine and the hero is done quite well for the time they spend together that night, actually, so I’ll continue.

    Congrats on your first medieval! I’m glad you enjoyed it. There are some great ones out there. I’m going to look for the Mallory. I love me a good medieval.


  1. Kris Kennedy – “The Conqueror” « Books and Games - Monday, August 24, 2009

    […] already wrote about why I had trouble getting into the story. There were too many things which strained my sense […]

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