TBR Challenge – “Thief Of Hearts” By Teresa Medeiros

15 Jul


Info: TBR Challenge 2009
Theme for the month: wrongly accused hero/heroine
In my TBR pile since: November 2007

Medeiros, Teresa - Thief of Hearts

Genre: Romance / Historical
Published: Bantam Books, 2007 (1994)

Availability: still available

Monthly theme?: the hero spent five years in prison wrongly accused
Why I bought this novel: the price


Prim and pampered, Lucinda Snow knew little of men and nothing of danger, until the fog-shrouded night she found herself abducted – and at the mercy of the legendary Captain Doom. Ruthless and mocking, tender and virile, the notorious pirate awakened all Lucy’s passionate longings, then abandoned her with nothing but a kiss…


Now, safely at home, the alluring waif is tormented by treacherous memories – and by the presence of Gerard Claremont, her mysterious new bodyguard. Everything about him, from his forbidding size to his impertinent manner, sparks her defiance. And even when Gerard’s smile turns seductive, no one can make her forget Doom…Yet only when Lucy’s path crosses the captain’s once more, will she learn who is on a voyage of retribution, and who is out to steal her heart.

Lucinda Snow is the only daughter of an honored and medal-decorated Admiral. All her life, Lucy strove to gain her father’s admiration and love. For that, she curbed her spirit. She meekly does his every biding and leads a life where every move is dictated by her father. She leads a life devoid of joy but full of duty and submission. There’s nothing Lucy wouldn’t do to gain her father’s approval. To give you an idea:

“Explain to Mr. Claremont what you’re to do should that nasty brigand kidnap you again.”
She studied her kid slippers in a vain attempt to dodge Claremont’s piercing gaze. “Resist giving him any information under torture and throw myself overboard at the nearest opportunity.”
The Admiral reached across the desk and gave her hands a benevolent squeeze. “That’s my girl.”
Flushed with pride at the rare tribute, she returned to her seat as her father and Mr. Claremont began to discuss terms. (55)

In the course of the story this changes slowly. And it all begins when Lucy is abducted from a ship and falls into the hands of the legendary Captain Doom. She goes free but this brings another man besides her father – and her romanticized Captain Doom – into her life: Mr. Gerard Claremont, hired by her father to be her bodyguard. Lucy’s father fears that Lucy is no longer safe.

Gerard isn’t cowed by her father’s reputation and he gives Lucy a glimpse of a different live. He might call her “mouse” but he sees and seems to like that part of Lucy’s character her father called her mother’s bad blood and did his best to squash.

And eventually, they see in the other something different and more than what they’d thought at first. They fall in love. Lucy with wonder at all her new and disturbing bubbling feelings, Gerard with dread and reluctance because he came into the Admiral’s house with his own agenda. It’s an agenda that has nothing to do with the well-being of the Admiral (and his daughter) but with his own plans. But even without that, there’s still the matter of their very different stations in life that makes a future together impossible.

Lucy’s life turns again one glorious night when she realizes the futility of her struggles to gain her father’s love and instead resolves to make a bid for the love of another man. She does this even though she believed all her life that no one could love her. I really loved how that short scene was written.

That night ends part one of the novel. In the second part things come to a head between Gerard and Lucy’s father and Lucy is confronted with Gerard’s true identity.

I really enjoyed reading Thief of Hearts. I thought it more leisurely written – there are quite a few descriptions – and more epic – it isn’t over in just a weeks, let alone days – than most romance novels today. It might follow a rather predictable plot for a novel with pirates in it, but it is a well-plotted novel where everything comes together and has its place. It’s also a novel I very much enjoyed the way it was written (though sometimes perhaps it was a bit much):

[The sea at dawn] is where darkness is conquered by light in a battle that’s been waging for all eternity. To watch the sun weave that first gleaming thread on the horizon is an invitation to worship, a call to fall on your knees, renounce your cynicism, and embrace the belief that a world as corrupt as ours can be washed clean with nothing more than the spill of the waves against the sand.” (104)

And it’s a novel where the heroine after much struggles and failures is finally able to take in hand her destiny and shape her life herself. Lucy Snow has come a long way from the meek mouse she was at the beginning of the novel.

Verdict: I really liked Thief of Hearts (4,5/5).


2 Responses to “TBR Challenge – “Thief Of Hearts” By Teresa Medeiros”

  1. nath Wednesday, July 15, 2009 at 9:32 pm #

    I have this in my TBR pile! 🙂 Cindy told me to buy it, so I did… but it’s been languishing ^_^; I think I should give it a try soon… I’m so glad Lucindy doesn’t fall in love with Captain Doom!! 🙂 Some newness! 😀

    Great review Taja 🙂

  2. Taja Thursday, July 16, 2009 at 4:56 pm #

    Nath – you’re a good girl! *g* Yes, give it a try. If you don’t like it, at least then I’m not the only one who has to take the blame. LOL

    Captain Doom – doesn’t the name make you cringe? Anyway, he is an important character. Don’t let me lead you astray! 😀

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