11 Apr

After playing catch up with some paranormal series with the last books I read – really, this series thing is making me irate – and as different as they are in tone, it’s high time I read something different. Different being defined as not paranormal and not series.

rickloff-alix-lost-in-youOnly, the first book I picked up, Alix Rickloff’s Lost in You, was a paranormal (okay, only me to blame, I knew that before) but it could also be the first in a series (didn’t know that before). Rickloff’s next book features characters introduced in Lost in You. Good thing I was pleasantly surprised by Lost in You. (Of course, now I think about getting the next one; it’s that damn series thing at work again.)

hardy-kristin-her-high-stakes-playboy_2-in-1Anyway, I’m thinking contemporaries and maybe science fiction. Actually, I already read one contemporary, Kristin Hardy’s Her High-Stakes Playboy (US title: Certified Male), and I’m in the middle of reading the follow-up to that one, Sealed with a Kiss (US title: U.S. Male). Which means, I’m reading not exactly a series, but connected books. Duh. I really liked Her High-Stakes Playboy, and Sealed with a Kiss is able to stand on its own IMO even with the connecting mystery, but yeah, still series.

Maybe I’ll get it right with the next one – looks at requirements for books in the first paragraph: not paranormal, not series. Uhm, the next book I read really should be my book for Keishon’s TBR Challenge, and it’s the third in a series.

Seems like there is no escape from series or connected books.

Wendy posted recently about paranormals, series, and stand alone titles. Since then, I thought about this: Is it possible to find a book that’s not connected in some way with another book, let alone part of a series nowadays?

– Okay, I know there is. Three of the five books I got in the mail this week seem to be stand alone titles. But still, my impression is that series are becoming the norm. And I can see the appeal, but I fear I’m becoming less and less willing to play along with that.

prince-of-persia-warrior-within_coverIn other news, I’m playing Prince of Persia: Warrior Within. I promised myself to finish that game before I start another one. So I played some today and – yikes! – there were two chase sequences. At least now I know on what to blame when gray hairs show up.

I also peeked at a walkthrough and it told me I’ve finished around 55% of the game.



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