This Week’s Haul

8 Feb

From the library*:

* After I don’t know how many years, I got a library card again. I figured it’s a good way to get my hands on books I’m interested in reading but unlikely to buy myself (non-fiction in particular).

Books ordered:

In the mail:

  • Lara Adrian – Veil of Midnight
  • Kresley Cole – Kiss of a Demon King
  • Megan Hart – Stranger
  • Sophie Kinsella – Can You Keep a Secret?

I also bought:

*giddy, giddy*


Persona 3 – FES
I finally saw it in a shop and now it’s mine!


2 Responses to “This Week’s Haul”

  1. Jace Monday, February 9, 2009 at 7:28 am #

    Hey, that’s a good haul of books, eh? 😀 You like Kinsella a lot? I’ve never read any of hers. 🙂 And PS2 … I’ve never mastered it. *sigh* I’ve been meaning to play The Sims (which I totally love) on it, but still prefer the computer version. 😀

  2. Taja Monday, February 9, 2009 at 10:16 am #

    Jace – I’ve never read Kinsella before. I bought Can You Keep a Secret? because of a review in Nath’s Re-Read Challenge. 🙂 And the other one was at the library and I thought “why not?” (there are not that many books in English to choose from). I’m curious how I’ll like them.

    The Sims on PS2 – we had it for some time but then sold it. We hardly played it because we also prefer the computer version. 😉

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