Blog Challenge: TBR Challenge 2009

21 Jan

Last year, I followed Keishon’s TBR Challenge 2008. I thought then that I would like to sign up if there would be a TBR Challenge in 2009.

Not that I actually have a huge TBR pile of books. At least, not one comparable in numbers to some of the others out there. But I knew that I had a few books in my pile which I (probably) would never read without outside pressure, even if I thought it “waste” to not read them (after all, I had paid for the books). So when I saw that Keishon organized a TBR Challenge 2009, I signed up.

Then, I thought I had a TBR pile of 37 books for the challenge, only 17 of them bought 2007 or sooner* and three out of those 37 books without an (apparent) romance. This impression changed when I got down to business and signed up with Shelfari and (even more) Goodreads (book cataloguing websites). Right now, my Goodreads account lists all novels written in English I own and nearly 100 books are listed as “to read.” I know, still not much, but this still put a new perspective on things and the number actually made me feel a little sick.

TBR Challenge 2009


Rules: books 2007 or back, review due third Wednesday each month.

For an added challenge, Keishon came up with the idea of monthly themes. It’s not a must-meet condition to participate, but I really like it and will try to meet as many as I can with my books.

The link to the info page at Keishon’s blog: TBR Challenge 2009

Let it begin!

* I think this actually means books published 2007 or back but I like the idea to read books which are the longest in the pile so I’ll stick with that interpretation.


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