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Let’s See How Long I’ll Keep This Blog Theme…

19 Jan

I always know what I want for my blog theme. That is, until after a few weeks or month, I grow too irritated with small things which are not quite like I want them, or I might even want something totally different. So experiences says, this theme won’t last a year.

Impermanence and indecision, I haz them.

Ah well. Right now, I like the theme.

This time, I wanted more than two columns for my theme, I didn’t want flexible width, and preferable, I wanted a customizable header (to make the blog more personal, my main “complaint” about themes). offers ten themes with more than two columns. Four are listed as having flexible width, so six themes remain, and three of them allow some kind of customization.

I settled for Neo-Sapien, because after all the white of the previous theme, I wanted some color. I tested it with Firefox 3 and IE and with different resolutions. It looked okay but if anything looks not right on your screen or if you have difficulty to read things, please let me know.

If there are too many problems, I can change to a three column theme that fits what I wanted (the one Renee is using for her blog Renee’s Book Addiction).