Books To Read: 2009

1 Jan

I left out non-fiction and a bunch of novels from the literary fiction genre. There are 37 novels on my list, more than half of them from last year. Which means, my TBR pile is a more recent development.

Suzanne Brockmann – The Unsung Hero
(I always thought Brockway’s All through the Night is the one which is longest in my TBR pile)

Connie Brockway – All through the Night

Elizabeth Grayson – Moon in the Water
Shirley Kennedy – The Selfless Sister*
Martha Kirkland – An Uncommon Courtship*

Louisa Allen – Virgin Slave, Barbarian King
Iain M. Banks – Consider Phlebas*
Elizabeth Haydon – Rhapsody
Eloisa James – The Taming of the Duke
Brenda Joyce – After Innocence
Carla Kelly – Beau Crusoe
Juliet Marillier – Blade of Fortriu
Maureen McKade – A Reason to Live
Teresa Medeiros – Thief of Hearts
Candice Proctor – The Bequest
Jed Rubenfeld – The Interpretation of Murder*
Sharon Shinn – The Thirteenth House

Catherine Anderson – Cherish (11/08)
Julie Cohen – His for the Taking (02/08)
Angie Daniels – The Playboys Proposition (02/08)
Kristin Hardy – The Chef’s Choice (08/08)
Kristin Hardy – Under His Spell (12/08)
Susan Johnson – Outlaw (06/08)
Laura Kinsale – Midsummer Moon (05/08)
Laura Kinsale – Seize the Fire (05/08)
Caroline Linden – What a Rogue Desires (11/08)
Susan Mallery – Sweet Trouble (12/08)
Juliet Marillier – The Well of Shades (11/08)
Erin McCarthy – Fallen (10/08)
Kathleen O’Reilly – Nightcap (04/08)
Deanna Raybourn – Silent in the Grave (12/08)
Karen Rose – Count to 10 (04/08)
Karen Rose – Die for Me (04/08)
Karen Rose – Have You Seen Her? (04/08)
Karen Rose – Nothing to Fear (04/08)
Patrick Rothfuss – The Name of the Wind (10/08)
Sharon Shinn – Dark Moon Defender (01/08)

* or sooner


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