Currently Playing: Civilization 3 (PC) Again

11 Dec

I guess the fact that I finally finished Diablo 2 with my screwed up amazon character reawakened my old dream for Civilization 3: beating it on Deity difficulty (the highest difficulty level of the original game).

Sunday evening, I sat down to play. I started a game on Emperor difficulty, the fifth highest difficulty level. Back when I last tried becoming good enough to beat Civ 3 on Deity difficulty, I was fairly comfortable on that level. I didn’t always win, but I knew what to do and had my chances.

So, a game on Emperor. I choose to play the Ottomans. They have a good Unique Unit and I like their civ traits.

This is the game one turn after I founded my second city, the other civs have at least four already:*


I’m orange, the Sumerians are teal, the Mayan are blue, and the Chinese are rose. The white spots mark the places of the future cities (this picture and the two following are taken from after the game; I didn’t think to take screen shots).

The Sumer bothered my a lot, so in 1450 I declared war on them (this was Tuesday evening). This is what the map looked like then:*


This is after I made peace in 1530. The Sumer (teal color) had lost four cities, and I not only had caught up to the other civs, I had a slight lead. Things were finally looking better and I decided to stop for the night:*


I picked it up this evening (Wednesday, that is). I consolidated my tech lead and settled down for an easy space race victory. This is 1760:


One turn later (one hour ago):



(How could I be so stupid to forget that possibility?!?)

* pictures from after the game


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