Games: Playing Right Now

14 Sep
  • I’m still playing Persona 3, a PS2 video game I started back in July. I already saw the “bad” ending, and now I’m preparing myself for the ending with the obligatory huge boss fight. I still have a few days to go, Persona 3 follows an in-game calendar and the final fight will be on January, 31th, and I’m in the first week of January. Right now, I think about rushing to finish this game because I can’t max out everything that’s possible to max this time around anyway so there’s not point in maxing out the things I can. But I’m stalling …
  • … which is why I started playing1. an online browser RPG where I just have to to click when I want my character go on a quest and some time later I get the result. It’s great for playing while I sit at the PC anyway and, for all the years I’ve played RPGs, it’s the first one I play online.

    2. A few days ago, I got more adventurous and started the “real” thing: a MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) – Fiesta Online (EU version, there’s also a US version) where I actually have to play and interact with other players. It’s completely free, you don’t even have to buy a copy of the game, and I like its look. Other than the archer I normally play in RPGs, I went with a fighter for this. You can’t make a lot of mistakes when you just have to smack things, I think.

    Of course, I’m still soloing at the moment … *laugh*

  • I also bought a copy of Titan Quest (PC/RPG; like Diablo 2, only better looking and more comfortable, for example I don’t need to carry arrows for my bow) and a bundle of the two add-ons for Civilization IV (PC/Strategy). I got them all for 20 Euro so I couln’t resist when I saw them.

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