There Went My Goal…

24 Jul

… of not ordering new books this month.

Apparently, all it takes is one info mail promoting bargains for English books. Who knew? But then, I never met a bargain I didn’t feel compelled to use. Really, I’m cheap.

I got:

Dennis Lehane – Gone, Baby, Gone
because I really enjoyed reading Shutter Island and always wanted to read something else by Lehane

Jo Beverley – Lovers and Ladies
because I liked other novels by Jo Beverley, and I saved a lot on this one (4,40€ instead of 8,28€), I couldn’t possibly let it pass.

On those two books, I saved more than 5€, so let’s not dwell on the fact that I spent more than 7€ on books I didn’t know I wanted to read in the first place. Most of the books offered were non-fiction, or not that great a bargain, or books I knew about (for example one Rachel Gibson, one SEP) but just didn’t feel the urge to order (which means there must be some hope for me).

But while I was at it, I also got India Grey’s The Italian’s Defiant Mistress just because it was in stock and the last one (not part of the bargain deal), so maybe that’s still debatable.

Anyway, new books!


Today, I planned to write my comments about Kresley Cole’s Dark Desires After Dusk but I have a difficult time actually doing it. I wasn’t happy with my comments about No Rest for the Wicked and writing something about Wicked Deeds on a Winter’s Night was like pulling teeth and it shows, so the thought to sit down and write again about this series – I just can’t dredge up enough enthusiasm to do it right now.

This doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy Dark Desires. In fact, I liked it rather a lot (otherwise I probably wouldn’t have a problem with writing), but I think I’m burnt out on writing comments for this series. It’s all one huge ball of thoughts and concentrating on the important ones and pulling them out and saying what I want to say, I can’t seem to do it right now (if at all).

Or I could blame the info mail. I just had to go and take a look, it’s not that I procrastinated or something.


2 Responses to “There Went My Goal…”

  1. sydney Tuesday, July 29, 2008 at 10:40 pm #

    I understand, I’m pretty frugal with my book buying so bargains and deals make me happy. Gone baby, gone sounds interesting – I’ve not ready any of Lehane’s books but I saw the movie and thought it was pretty good.

  2. Taja Wednesday, July 30, 2008 at 8:02 am #

    Sydney – I didn’t know it was a movie. But looking at the book cover I see it now. It’s kind of typical for novel-turned-movie book. It’s good to hear you liked the movie!

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