Currently Playing: “Okami” (PS2)

8 Jul

Formatting and re-formatting and re-formatting again my posts after my switch to WordPress, I realized how long ago I posted comments about a game I played: it was back in February 2007 (Dragon Quest VIII)! Since then, there are only 4 more posts I put in the category “games.” That has to change (after all, I kept the “Books and Games” title for the blog).

So, here’s a youtube-video of the game I’m currently playing: Okami (PS2)

I searched some time for the “right” video – not that this was a problem for me – but they all seemed to focus on things that didn’t convey what makes this game so special in my eyes. Watching the videos, even the one I finally choose, Okami looks like a rather dark game, focusing on fighting and with muted colours. But actually, I think of it as a rather bright, cheery, hopeful and – above all and strange as it sounds – peaceful game. You don’t have to fight if you don’t want to except for “boss-fights” and often the colours are actually brighter than they appear in this video. Okami is different than other games with its combination of story, gameplay and graphics. I really like it.

I settled for this video because there are hints about the story and a rudimentary explanation of the gameplay.


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