It Would Have Been Better …

20 May

… if I hadn’t read that.

Just when I thought I could finally persuade myself to read Joanna Bourne’s The Spymaster’s Lady (to mention it again: the spy thing), there’s a DNF review up at Dear Author. Since I don’t mind spoilers (too much) I read it.

Reading the comments, I got the impression that Annique is a spy who doesn’t act like a spy. She’s a spy whose actions make you question if the image others have of her actually pertain to Annique. She seems to be some kind of wrapped Mary Sue who is hailed by all and everyone as brilliant and intelligent yet at the same time not showing this in reality.

Urgh – my favourite kind of character to make me exasperated. And it’s in a spy story no less!

I realize this reaction is a bit harsh because it’s about I novel I haven’t read yet. But the thing is, had I read this review before ordering the novel, I’m very sure I wouldn’t have ordered it. Now I’ll better wait a few months more to read this novel to let the comments settle down because right now it has two strikes against it from the start: 1) spy story and 2) comments about the inconsistency of main character, and I don’t want to go into it too biased. I have a pretty clear picture how I would blow the smallest irritation out of proportion if I read it now. Not good.

If nothing else, this post will make for some fun if I’m all in seventh heaven after reading it because I thought it so wonderful.


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