16 May

Last weekend, I started a post about my continually growing reading pile which then amounted to 37 books (I know, but that’s huge for me!) not counting a lot of fiction novels purchased during the last few years. The 37 books were mostly the work of the last few weeks. What really got me is the fact that I needed 2 weeks to finish the last novel I read. I wasn’t much of a reader the last few weeks but clearly I had no problem ordering more books. Then on Sunday, I found myself looking yet again at some more novels and thought “wait a minute” and wrote the post about the books I already had to remind me that I didn’t need new books.

It worked. I didn’t order more books.

I didn’t post this but kept it as a draft. Then on Monday, and this gets to the reason why I rehash all that so you know where I’m coming from, I picked up Nora Roberts’s Sea Swept and finished it the same day. On Tuesday, I read Rising Tides and started on Inner Habor which I finished on Wednesday. I read Crystal Green’s One for the Road then, too, and on Thursday, I read Kresley Cole’s Dark Needs at Night’s Edge which arrived on Wednesday.

Five novels in four Days! (And obviously quite a lot of time on my hands.)

I would say I’m over whatever it was that kept me from reading. Now I only have to work out what keeps me from playing. The last time I played was – I think – sometime in March.

Now, let’s look at some new books to order. At the rate I’m going now, the TBR pile won’t last long.


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