Recent Reads 3

10 May
  • Helen Brooks – The Italian Tycoon’s Bride
  • Kathleen O’Reilly – Shaken and Stirred
  • Karen Templeton – Yours, Mine … or Ours?
  • Karen Templeton – Baby, I’m Yours

Helen Brooks – The Italian Tycoon’s Bride

Genre: Romance / Contemporary

I read this one in early March. I got it because I liked the other novels by Brooks I had read. But this time around, Brooks way to write didn’t work as well for me. Like with the two other novels, TITB is told solely from the heroine’s perspective so the reader doesn’t know what the hero thinks and feels. This writing style didn’t detract from reading the first two novels; in fact I think it worked in favour of the story and the reading experience because the reader knew that the hero was totally in love with the heroine while the heroine didn’t. Lots of awh!-moments there. But this style didn’t work as well with TITB because here the hero isn’t in love with the heroine from the first moment they meet. With the whole novel written from the heroine’s perspective, his actions often seemed rude, making his “I love you” not as easily believable. Still, that’s the only thing that really bothered me (at least, it bothered me enough to still remember it now.) Apart from that, I enjoyed reading TITB.

Grade: 4 / 5

Kathleen O’Reilly – Shaken and Stirred

Genre: Romance / Contemporary

The conflict in this story is that Tessa wants to prove she can make it on her own (she was left in a very bad spot after a relationship ended four years earlier because she depended on her boyfriend to take care of her) and Gabe wants her to commit to him. For much of the story, I read along happily. It was only during the last chapters that my enjoyment went downhill a bit because of Gabe. I liked him just fine until he started with some kind of “wanting Tessa to depend on him like it was the last 4 years” and the “if you don’t want to live with me you’re not committed to me” bullshit. I got lost there somewhere. Of course, it might be that I couldn’t see me moving in with someone just after a few weeks (months?) when I still have issues about independence, fabulous sex or not. And getting the not-committed line for that would make me think about the relationship really hard because something that’s important to me as a person (might even go so far make me whole) seems to be treated as not important. So, no, I wasn’t frustrated with Tessa for taking so long; I was frustrated with Gabe that he couldn’t give her more time.

Grade: 4 / 5

Karen Templeton – Yours, Mine … or Ours?

Genre: Romance / Contemporary

Looking at it from a technical perspective, I thought this was the best written novel of the trilogy with the surest grasp on the story. What kept it from getting a 5/5 grade was its lacking the “special something” – be it a strong emotional or strong intellectual (or both) connection with the story and characters; or a resonance with me, my feelings and my experiences. I know this is highly individual and subjective (and a lot of the reviews that made me buy this trilogy in the first place went one step higher with the grade), and this novel getting a 4,5/5 grade doesn’t indicate a plot or character or otherwise technical problem. It’s just that I’m very reluctant to give 5/5 to a story that didn’t grab me the same way on a different level (emotional/intellectual) than on the writing level itself.

Grade: 4,5 / 5

Karen Templeton – Baby, I’m Yours

Genre: Romance / Contemporary

This one resonated more with me than the previous novel (Yours, Mine … or Ours?) in this trilogy, but it too “didn’t quite make it” (that is, it wasn’t a 5/5 for me). Reason: the falling or being in love of the hero, Kevin, with the heroine, Julianne, struck me a bit as out of the blue. Later on, I was on board with their being-in-love, but I didn’t quite catch the beginning. It wasn’t a “huh?”-moment, but it was there and that’s reflected in the grade.

Grade: 4,5 / 5


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