Recent Reads 2

6 May
  • Sharon Cullars – The Object of Love
  • Robin D. Owens – Heart Quest

Sharon Cullars – The Object of Love

Genre: Romance / Contemporary

I read this novel back in February. I don’t remember much of my thoughts about it which is really a shame because I know I liked it quite a lot. What I remember is:
– the plot
– that I wasn’t bothered by the ghost plot
– that I would have liked a bit more time devoted to Lacey and Sean.
I think I’ll read it again.

Grade: 4 / 5 (via my “I try to keep track of the books I read” notes)

Robin D. Owens – Heart Quest

Genre: Romance / Science fiction (Futuristic)

Robin D. Owens’s Heart-Mate series is similar to J. R. Ward’s Black-Dagger-Brotherhood series in that it features many elements that I’m not too fond of (to put it politely). And yet, like with Ward’s novels (until now? but that’s for another blog post), I keep coming back and somehow I’m no longer as bothered by the not-so-fond-of elements as with the first novel(s). Is it because I’m used to them now, or are they played down or what?
Anyway, I thought the fams in Heart Quest the least intrusive ones in the series so far and the cutesy language nearly didn’t register at all. The suspense plot was okay. It kept the story going and it was a wonderful way to put Ilex’s Flair to good use. I was a bit miffed that this wasn’t the case for Trif’s Flair also. I expected that in looking for a murderer, I strong Flair for seeing the past would come in handy. Or at least that I would learn more about past times in general. But Trif’s Flair didn’t play that prominent a role.
Overall, Heart Quest is a good addition to the Heart-Mate series. I like especially how (IMO) Owens’s writing improves with each part. Different to Ward’s series, I will continue to buy this series because they (still) work for me (as opposed to the anal urge to have the “first six” complete like in Ward’s case).

Grade: 4 / 5


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