April 2008

30 Apr

Books bought / ordered:

  • Lara Adrian – Midnight Rising
  • Margaret Atwood – Lady Oracle
  • Sandra M. Gilbert, Susan Gubar – The Madwoman in the Attic
  • Crystal Green – One for the Road
  • Jennifer Greene – Blame it on Paris
  • Kathleen O’Reilly –Sex, Straight Up; Nightcap
  • Robin D. Owens – Heart Quest
  • Karen Rose – Count to 10; Die For Me; Have You Seen Her?; Nothing to Fear
  • Elaine Showalter – Female Malady
  • Jane Smiley – 13 Way of Looking at the Novel
  • Sherry Thomas – Private Arrangement

Books read:

  • Jane Heller – Infernal Affairs
  • Owens, Robin D. – Heart Quest
  • Rose, Karen – Count to Ten
  • Karen Templeton – Baby, I’m Yours
  • Karen Templeton – Yours, Mine … or Ours?

Favourite novel:

It’s a tie-in between Templeton’s Baby, I’m Yours and Templeton’s Yours, Mine … or Ours? While Baby, I’m Yours worked better for me on an emotional level, I think Yours, Mine … or Ours is the “better” written novel. But really, it doesn’t matter, it’s a win-win situation for Karen Templeton (and deservedly so because the other two categories by her I read this year were also very good), so it would be better I would go with “best author” this month.

New-to-me authors:

Jane Heller

Would read again:

Jane Heller

Games bought: –

Games played: –


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