Impulse Buy

25 Apr

Yesterday evening, I bought a novel in a paperback sale. I never heard of the author before, but I liked the creepy look of the cover.

German cover: Daniel Hecht – City of Masks

The translation of the German title to English is: “City of Shadows.” I’m not sure why they didn’t just stick with the German word for “masks.”

Here’s the cover of the US edition (pb):

I have to say, the German cover definitely worked in making me pick up the book. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have looked longer at the US cover.

Also, the back blurb sounded interesting. As I got the German edition, here’s some info about the novel from Daniel Hecht’s homepage:

City of Masks is the first in a series of novels to feature parapsychologist Cree Black, the founder of a small, nonprofit paranormal research group based in Seattle. Using scientific technologies, historical research, and psychology, Cree and her colleagues investigate claims of ghosts and other paranormal phenomena and try to help the living cope with troubling and inexplicable experiences. Cree herself is a natural empath – one who resonates so strongly with others that she is able to experience their haunts and fears.

Called to New Orleans to investigate a supposed haunting at the 150-year old Beauforte House, Cree’s foremost challenge is to accommodate the psychological fragility of Lila Beauforte Warren, who claims to have witnessed terrifying phenomena at the house where she spent her childhood. Is Lila suffering from a neurological or psychiatric disorder, as her family believes, or has she witnessed verifiable paranormal activity? To find out, Cree must enter her state of mind, spend long hours in the dim rooms of the old house, and unearth secrets from the Beauforte family’s hidden past. She soon finds she cannot help Lila unless she solves her own hauntings – deals with her own memories, faces her grief over her husband’s death, and confronts her reluctance to embrace normal life. In challenging the ghosts of Beauforte house and taking Lila’s problems as her own, she has placed her own survival on the line.

So that makes this novel the second novel I hadn’t planned on reading. But that – picking something up without intend and then discovering that you like it – is part of what makes reading interesting, isn’t it?


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