I’m Cranky

27 Feb

I think I read too much the last days. I know I’ve no inclination to pick up a book and read at the moment. I started to read a new book yesterday and right away I got irritated by the the way the characters were written (so it may be just this one book I don’t want to read, I don’t know). Anyway, in my eyes, the characters said or thought one thing and did another which can drive me pretty crazy. And try as I might, I couldn’t view this as a case of “they delude themselves about what they want.” I didn’t work. Instead I thought their characterization not really thought out and confusing, going for all the requisite things for these kind of characters without making sure they make sense for them, and I saw them as immature.

Now normally I’m pretty sure if it’s really the the characters who irritate me or if it’s just me being irritated by all and everything and I have no problem with drawing the distinction. Not so now. So I think that maybe I read too much and looked at the things I read with a “this worked, this didn’t” perspective for too long. And as I graded the three books I finished the last two days 3/5, 4/5, 4/5, it’s definitely not a string of bad books that made me cranky.

Let’s see how Final Fantasy XII holds up in the face of all this crankiness.


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