Tori Carrington – "Shameless"

18 Feb

GENRE: Romance / Contemporary
PUBLISHED: Harlequin Blaze, 2008

WHY THIS NOVEL: try for new authors + back blurb and excerpt looked interesting on

The back blurb:
“One-night-only anonymous sex with a stranger? Seems too wanton even for Nina Leonhard. Until it’s insinuated that the mystery man might be one of her business partners – two guys she adores who also happen to be complete hotties.
Out comes the blindfold, and Nina has the steamiest night of her life. Now she’s got to have more – only, no one’s fessing up.
One of her two best friends rocked her world that night. But which one was it?
If she guesses wrong, she could lose them both…”

Shameless by Tori Carrington has a lower word count than the other category novels I read before. It’s a larger font size, the margins are bigger and, as a last dead give-away, I finished it much faster than the other categories I read.

I don’t know if it’s because of that but for me something was missing from the story. There’s not much extraneous stuff going on, which is a plus, but some of the things I expected when I decided to buy this and not another category I didn’t get, either.

So what is this “missing thing”?

The best I can come up with is “emotional punch.” I mean it’s a triangle story – one woman, two men. She finds them both attractive, they both find her attractive (and one of them for a long time at that), I expected some “zing.” Instead, Shameless reads more like a story written for the plot/the idea than the characters. Or to put it another (and meaner) way: the characters are just there because you can’t tell a story without characters. I didn’t get a real feel for them and so I didn’t get to feel the “zing” I thought I would get. It all felt a bit “flat” or “bland.”

The story itself is told competently, there’s even some information to explain the characters’ behaviour on a psychological level, and the somewhat harebrained premise (looking at the last sentence of the back blurb, would you think it’s a good idea to do this?) seems to be in keeping with the Harlequin Blaze line. So, while I’m not sure I would read another novel by Carrington based on this novel alone, there’s nothing here that makes me reject it right away either.

The excerpt from the next one in the back looks good.

Would I recommend this novel? Maybe.

Would I read this novel again? Probably not.

Grade: 3 / 5


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