"Playing" "Final Fantasy XII"

17 Feb

For the last weekends, I played Final Fantasy XII. I started with the extra stuff meaning getting all the monsters on the list, best weapons and armour, and so on. And it sucks. Really, FF XII might very well be the first Final Fantasy game I didn’t do all the extras. Maybe it’s just me maturing but I suspect it has much more to do with the chance-dependent game play that is used in the game.

This weekend, I spent nearly one hour trying to get an accessory which is in every Final Fantasy game (as far as I now) so it’s tradition to have it. According to the guide book (how else would I know about such things in this game?), my best shot at getting it is a treasure chest in a grassland area. Now my rant is this: every chest (or nearly) has been randomized in terms of drop rates. At the most elaborate (like “my” treasure chest from the weekend), it goes like this:

1. the chest has a certain amount of chance of appearing at all
2. if it appears, there’s a certain percentage of chance that I’ll get money from it (in my case higher) or an item
3. if it decided on an item, there’s a certain percentage of chance I’ll get an item I also could buy (in my case, very high) and there’s a small chance I get the item I’m looking for

Now, I didn’t compute the chance total to appear of the item I’m looking for (it would be to depressing to see it black on white) but I know that I spent 1 hour trying for it with no success.

This one hour went like this:
1. I load the save game
2. go to the area with the chest
3. flee from the monsters there to get to the spot where the chest is (killing them would take up time)
4. look if the chest is there
5a. when no – quit the game and load again
5b. when yes – try to open it while the monsters I fled from attact me
6. look what I got
7. quit the game and load again
Step 1 – 7 take around 1-2 minutes.

Guess I should be happy that the area with the chest is right next to an area with a save point, huh?

This randomized chance to appear / or drop / or steal is in place for nearly every thing in Final Fantasy XII. I spent over 30 minutes changing between two areas (takes under one minute) to get a rare monster with a 20% chance of appearance to appear. I have one character spent the whole fight against a rare monster stealing because it’s the only monster you can steal this item from meaning I fight only with two characters and I end up with a long-assed fight and no item.

That’s not fun!

And I’m fed up with this not-playing playing. I think the next weekend I’ll do the final dungeon and that’ll be the end for Final Fantasy XII for quite some time.


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