Sorting Books And TBR

9 Feb

Today, I sorted all my romance (and a few fantasy) novels. It took me nearly two hours. I started with five large and heavy boxes of books and ended with five large and heavy boxes of books. The only difference is, they’re all sorted now. There is one box with historicals only, another has medievals and westerns, and so on. I even put labels on the outside of the boxes. What remains to be done is enter the missing ones in my spreadsheet so that I finally know how many romance novels I have.

I found 13 novels I didn’t read yet. Compared to others, this TBR pile is more embarrassing than worth mentioning but I post it anyway to remind me that there are books to read if I feel like complaining about having nothing to read.

These I don’t consider part of the TBR pile yet:

  • Lara Adrian – Midnight Awakening (12/07)
  • Louise Allen – Virgin Slave, Barbarian King (12/07)
  • Eloisa James – Pleasure for Plesasure (12/07)
  • Teresa Medeiros – Thief of Hearts (12/07)
  • Sharon Shinn – The Thirteenth House (12/07)

These are a little better:

  • Elizabeth Grayson – Moon in the Water (09/06)
  • Elizabeth Haydon – Rhapsody (summer 2007, I think)
  • Brenda Joyce – After Innocence (03/07)
  • Carla Kelly – Beau Crusoe (sometime 2007)
  • Maureen McKade – A Reason to Live (05/07)
  • Candice Procter – The Bequest (05/07)

There’s also Suzanne Brockmann’s The Unsung Hero kicking around. It’s not on the spreadsheet so I don’t know when I got it. I think 2006 or before.

The winner is:

  • Connie Brockway – All Through the Night (01/04)

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