7 Feb

Today I finished reading my second novel by Julie Cohen, All Work and No Play, and see that the Smart Bitches posted a review of Cohen’s Driving Him Wild. If I wouldn’t have thought about getting more novels by Cohen already, at least now I definitely would think about getting this one.

Although I’m pretty sure I’ll have to settle for the US edition and its atrocious title: His for the Taking. What’s up with that?

Something similar -although not as freaky as changing titles – is going on with Dorothy Koomson’s novel My Best Friend’s Girl (I first read about this novel on the blog Karen Knows Best sometime last year). It’s the covers. I seriously think about getting the UK edition (8,37 Euro vs 4,08 Euro US edition) because the cover for the US edition is just … ugh. And I have more than one post up here where I wrote about pricing and how it influences my buying decisions.

For the moment, I ordered:
Ann Christoher – Risk
Julie Cohen – His for the Taking
Sharon Cullars – The Object of Love
Angie Daniels – The Playboy’s Proposition
Karen Templeton – The Prodigal Valentine


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