Books and Games 2007

31 Dec

Let’s start with the one thing I’m 100% sure:

My favourite Game 2007

Shadow Hearts: Covenant (PS2)
– despite the fact that I didn’t care for its ending

Now it get’s more tricky. I played some games, blogged about a few, but I have no idea about the total number of games played. So as far as games are concerned, I’ll leave it at that.

Books read

The following numbers are based on a not very carefully kept spreadsheet, so there’s no real accuracy to them.

  • books read 2007: 55 (the actual number is higher)
  • books published 2007: 21 (7 “straight” romance, the others mostly paranormals, scifi, fantasy)
  • books published before 2000: 7
  • books by genre: 12 non-romance; 43 Romance: 9 contemporary, 9 historicals, 9 paranormal, 10 “Scifi” + 6 divers
  • books with a 5/5 grade: Juliet Marillier Daughter of the Forest, James Ellroy The Black Dahlia, Kay Redfield Jamison An Unquiet Mind
  • books with a 4,5/5 grade: 14

Apparently, I listed Linnea Sinclair and Sharon Shinn as “Scifi / Romance” and Dara Joy and Robin D. Owens as “Romance / Scifi.” Go figure.

I read a few categories this year and I think I’ll continue to do this.

“New to me and liked”:

Meljean Brook, Jo Goodman, Lara Adrian, Jennifer Greene, Robin D. Owens, Jessica Bird, Kristin Hardy, Karen Rose, Juliet Marillier

My favourite book this year:

Looking at my grades on the spreadsheet, I don’t view them as: 4,5/5 is always “better” than 4/5. If asked, I could very well say the 4/5 is “better.” Case in point: J. R. Ward’s novels. Although yes, I won’t say that for a 3/5 book compared to a 4,5/5 one.

I’ll go with the one that touched me deeply:

Kay Redfield Jamison – An Unquiet Mind
Vintage Books, 1996


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