9 Dec

Well, I got my books and that is settled. I still don’t know what went wrong (apart from the delivery company ringing the wrong bell). The person whose name I got from the company acted as if he didn’t have anything to do with it when I contacted him but strange enough, Friday evening the concierge gave me my parcel. I really don’t want to know what happened but:


So maybe I better should.

When I saw that amazon shipped the last book of my order on Friday I hoped, I really hoped, that the delivery guy would read correctly but Saturday evening it was clear: it went wrong again. The parcel was delivered and I didn’t have it. Not even a note saying were I could get it.

Of course, I kind of “know” where it is. I’ll wait til Monday to see what he’ll do. If I don’t have it then, or at least a note, then I guess I’ll have to make a phone call I would rather avoid (I thought him a bit rude the first time).


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