Missing Books

6 Dec

I’m missing some books.

The books in question:

  • Eloisa James – Desperate Duchesses
  • Lisa Kleypas – Suddenly You
  • Robin D. Owens – Heart Choice
  • Teresa Medeiros – Thief Of Hearts

The story:
Friday morning, amazon sent off the books. On Saturday, The Boyfriend and I went out around 2 p.m. On our return, we didn’t find a message that someone tried to deliver the books. Okay, so Monday it is. But no, it wasn’t. And it wasn’t Tuesday and Wednesday either. Hmmm. I started to get antsy.

Wednesday evening, I checked with the concierge (he’s here Monday – Friday, not Saturday) – maybe there was some mix up? No. Then I checked online with the help of the “parcel number” (what is this called in English?): delivered – Saturday at 14:55. Huh?

Where are my books?

Today, I went to an office of the delivery company. Maybe it was taken back? No, nothing. But a nice lady helped me find out whom they delivered it to: apparently, someone with a near identical surname (and the same address) got it on Saturday.

I know that someone with a very similar surname lives here. I really hope he/she has the parcel. I want my books. I want to read. And when this is finished you can be sure that I’ll never go out on Saturdays when I’m waiting for a delivery.


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