21 Nov

For some weeks now, I read positive things about North and South – the BBC mini-series of Elizabeth Gaskell’s novel. Last week a looked at ordering it. And discovered that the German edition is about 30 minutes shorter than the English edition. (I prefer to buy German editions because then there are slim chances of badgering The Boyfriend into watching one of my movies with me. With an English edition – let’s just say the already slim chances are no longer chances at all.) I can’t say that I was surprised. This happens quite often and meant I wouldn’t get the German edition.
The English edition (UK import – thanks to amazon) costs 38 Euro (~ 55$), the German 20 Euro (~ 28$). So no, no North and South for me.

Last evening, I wanted to show The Boyfriend what I couldn’t convince myself to order (there is always Christmas) and discovered that the English edition of North and South went down to 28 Euro (~ 41 $)!

Now we could talk. I ordered it right away. Delivery time: 2- 4 weeks which means it should be here before Christmas.

This evening, I got an email saying they already shipped it (delivery times changed to 24 hours). Sometimes even I get lucky. Now it should be here before the weekend.

And the weekend is taken care of.


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