12 Nov

Last Thursday, I bought a book which will officially be released in a few weeks. Now, I know this happens (books available before their publication date) but here’s the thing:

– It’s an US release
– I live in Germany and we always get US books after their publication date (don’t know about pre-ordering and amazon, but an ordinary book store – no)
– I saw this book weeks ago in this shop (the week The Boyfriend and I went to Hamburg)

Now I know why I didn’t read anything about it on the net. I went looking after our trip to Hamburg because it sounded interesting. On Thursday, the book was still available (several copies, in fact), my train was waaaaay late, so I bought it. Back again, I went looking for other readers comments on the net. Surely somebody else must have read it by now. Nope, nothing. Finally, I went to amazon.de and discovered that officially this book isn’t released yet.

Hmmm, pretty weird.

Anyway, it was good.


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