22 Oct

Short version of the weekend: Travis was great – I squeed! – No strikes – The Boyfriend and I had much fun and a lovely weekend.

Today, I received a parcel from amazon.
– C. L. Wilson’s Lord of the Fading Lands
– Lois McMaster Bujold’s The Sharing Knife: Beguilement

Both got (very) good reviews and since I’m such a go-with-the masses slut, I ordered. Before settling down to read, I visited some websites and saw that Mrs Giggles had reviewed Lord of the Fading Lands, too. So naturally, I read her review. And stopped cold because of this: “I have heard many rave reviews about this book, so perhaps I am expecting too much, but Lord Of The Fading Lands remains too much like a typical Mary Sue fanfiction to me.”

And bit later there is this:

“Ellysetta Bristani is not what I’d call an interesting main character. She is a stereotype of a Mary Sue heroine. She has beautiful hair, exotic eyes, full lips, a full top-heavy figure… and yet she’s supposed to be plain and unattractive.”

Urgh. I really don’t like Mary-Sue characters. It’s not that I won’t read this novel now, I just wish I read these comments sooner because my expectations were, or probably still are, rather high. So instead of snuggling down on the couch and read LOTFL, I’m here complaining. I hope that when I’ll read LOTFL I won’t be saying “high expectations, Mary-Sue character, didn’t work” also.

For now, I think it’s better to start with the Bujold one.

And if I’m lucky there’ll be a new parcel from amazon at the end of the week. Over a week ago I ordered:

  • Megan Hart – Dirty and Broken
    I hope they’re “worth” their price. I really, really don’t like paying more than 10 euro for a paperback book.
  • Jo Goodman – If His Kiss is Wicked
    Again, I read a lot of favourable reviews; that, and i was thinking about buying a novel by Goodman for some years now.
  • Sharon Shinn – The Thirteenth House
    I just like her novels.
  • Lorraine Heath – Hard Loving Man
    I’d love to read one of her Western romances everybody recommends but they’re oop. So I’ll try this. I liked the student-teacher, or better: older woman – younger man, aspect in Karen Robards’s One Summer.

I pre-ordered Linnea Sinclair’s The Down Home Zombie Blues also.


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