Novels Read

8 Oct

After nearly being unable to read for the last few months, I finally started to read again in September:

– Jo Beverley – An Arranged Marriage
– Jessica Bird – The Billionaire Next Door
– Meljean Brook – Demon Moon
– Lois McMaster Bujold – The Sharing Knife: Beguilement
– Kresley Cole – A Hunger Like No Other
– James Ellroy – The Black Dahlia*
– Dennis Lehane – Shutter Island*
– Julie Anne Long – The Secret To Seduction
– Robin D. Owens – Heart Duel
– Julia Quinn – On The Way To The Wedding
– Karen Rose – I’m Watching you
– Brandon Sanderson – Elantris
– J. R. Ward – Lover Unbound

* These are the first novels I was able to read in months. I bought them at a paperback sale for 2 Euro each. Because it was a sale there was not much choosing possible despite the many boxes full of books. Reasons: I was not really interested in reading at that time (hadn’t finished a novel for some months then), they’re all in German and I rarely read German anymore when I know the novel was written in English, and I always have a feeling about these sales that there’re books they can’t sell otherwise with a few interesting novels thrown in. Yes, I know, it’s probably just that they’re not interesting to me. Anyway, these two novels started me reading again. I liked them.

All is good.


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