Books That Didn’t Make It

7 Oct

Well, we moved.

And we’re happy about it.

But for it to happen, some things had to go. (You won’t believe the amount of things we threw away. All this crap was in our flat.) Anyway, even some books had to go.

It was hard, because books are “my precious” and deep down I consider it sacrilegious to throw them away. Most of the books didn’t deserve this fate, in my opinion, but I didn’t know of another way. I would have preferred to take them to a UBS or give them away, but I’m in Germany and there is no place (I know of) I could leave English books, especially if they’re romances.

So here’s the list:

Alison Kent: Infatuation
Jude Deveraux: The Heiress, Wishes
Johanna Lindsay: Until Forever
Maria Keyes: Sushi for Beginners, Last Chance Saloon
Mary Janice Davidson: Undead and Unwed
R. Garland Gray: Predestined
Robert Jordan: Wheel of Time, Vol. 2-4
Susan Kearney: The Challenge
Suzanne Enoch: A Matter of Scandal
Val McDermid: The Grave Tattoo
+ some more I (we) didn’t take note of.

Not much, eh?

Nevertheless, it was difficult.

But here’s the thing: while I put the books back on the shelves in our new home, I came across some I thought: ‘this could have been tossed, too.’ I put them aside to take a closer look.

Once something is breached, there’s no going back, it seems.


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