12 May

I ordered new books from Amazon:

Maureen McKade – A Reason to Live:
because I saw it – once again – on a list of recommended reads (western). Surprisingly enough, it was ‘in stock’ at amazon.de. I put it in the shopping cart and because one book isn’t worth the hassle for me (waiting for the delivery) and for the one delivering it, I went and looked for other interesting novels to add. See below.

Eloisa James – Kiss me, Annabell:
because I liked the first one in this series and I liked the “authentic” feel I got from the characters, that is the sisters and their interactions felt very real to me, not the often seen lovey-dovey, nice-nice stuff

Dara Joy – Knight of a Trillion Stars, Rejar:
because … hmmm, it has something to do with me wanting to read scifi romance (I blame Linnea Sinclair for that), I thought about ordering these two a couple of times, and there are good reviews out there for these by reviewers who have similar tastes in reading

They should be here on Tuesday.

It’s a shame that Susan Grant’s Once a Pirate would take 1-3 weeks to get here. I read the excerpt on her homepage and liked it very much, despite it being a pirate romance. But it’ll have to wait. I plan on getting it in June together with other novels which have this long a delivery time.


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