New PC

23 Mar

On Wednesday, The Boyfriend came home with a new PC.


I can’t remember when we got the old one. The only thing certain is, it was many many years ago. Sometimes it was really tortuous working with it. Now we have Windows Vista which means we’re some kind of guinea-pig for Microsoft, but it also means that we upgraded from Windows 98 to something that is quite different to what we’re used to. For example, this morning I had to figure out why the videos on didn’t play. They worked fine on Wednesday and Thursday. This wouldn’t have been a problem with Windows 98 but with WV I had only the vagues ideas where to look and how to fix it.

Anyway, after two hours, they worked again and – to look on the bright side of this – I had much more knowledge about WV than before. So all is well.

But the really bright side of this whole new-PC thing is, The Boyfriend – being his sweet self – got Civilization IV yesterday and Jade Empire today for me.

Double HUGS!

The only problem is, he has a couple of days off starting next Monday. When will I have the time to play?


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