1 Mar

I started to read Juliet Marillier’s The Dark Mirror yesterday (first chapter). There’s much exposition and stuff so I’m not really reeled in, but then, this novel has 664 pages so there’s time. But I already know the reason for the title.

Then today I went to amazon.de and discovered that J. R. Ward’s Lover Revealed is already available here. With “available” I mean I could get it tomorrow if I ordered it today. Thing is, I already did order it last week together with a couple of other books, most notably Linnea Sinclair’s Games of Command (also available since Tuesday, *sigh*). But I’ll be strong and won’t change my order so that I can get these two faster.

There was that really embarrassing stunt in January. For four days in a row I got parcels from amazon. Each time, the poor delivery man had to get up all the stairs to our floor. I don’t know what went wrong at amazon. I did say they should send all books together (like always). Of course, now I wouldn’t be sorry if there would be a screw up. I’m really looking forward to read Sinclair’s book.

Perhaps I shouldn’t read The Dark Mirror right now.


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