23 Feb

Today is the first day that Final Fantasy XII is available in stores in Germany. I didn’t buy it right away – I don’t really have the time to play it properly right now and that’s what would happen if I had it – but I admit drooling and being tempted and being jealous of others who had it in their shopping bag.

Instead, I got myself the guidebook. It’s gorgeous. 340 pages and hard cover. I’ll drool over that for a while.

Well, and I read repeatedly that the story in Final Finatsy XII isn’t as complex as in other games of this series. That was always one of the most important points in favour of this series for me so I can wait. Right?

On Romancing the Blog there was an interesting post by Sarah S. G. Frantz about literary criticism and romance novels: Why I Learned To Love Literary Criticism yesterday.

Finally, I ordered new books on Wednesday:

– Linnea Sinclair – Games of Command (yeah, finally!)
– Cheryl St. John – The Lawman’s Bride
– Robin D. Owens – Heartmate
– Karen Rose – I’m Watching You
– J. R. Wartd – Lover Revealed (what can I say?)


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