3 Feb

New novels:

Val McDermid – The Grave Tattoo

A 200-year-old secret is now a matter of life and Death. And it could be worth a fortune …
It’s summer in the Lake District and heavy rain over the fells has uncovered a bizarrely tattooed body. Could it be linked to the old rumour that Fletcher Christian, mutinous First Mate on the Bounty, had secretly returned to England?
Scholar Jane Gresham wants to find out. She believes that the Lakeland poet William Wordsworth, a friend of Christian’s, may have sheltered the fugitive and turned his tale into an epic poem – which has since disappeared. But as she follows each lead, death is hard on her heels. The centuries-old mystery is putting lives at risk. And it isn’t just the truth that is waiting to be discovered, but a bounty worth a millions …

What sold me: it seems to be an academic mystery (me like; think A. S. Byatt’s Possession. It also was just 7 Euro.

Juliet Marillier – The Dark Mirror

When Bridei is sent by his parents to live with the druid Broichan, he knows only that he has left his home and family to learn to be a warrior and scholar, strategist and sage. He is not aware that in the divided and war-torn kingdom of Fortriu a secret council of elders, including Broichan, have long been making plans for the future of their homeland, with Bridei himself central to their strategy.
As the only child in Broichan’s remote household, Bridei learns early to deal with fear and loneliness. When he awakes one freezing midwinter’s night to find a baby girl on the doorstep, he thanks the gods for their precious gift of a companion and takes her in, not knowing that the girl’s arrival will have unforeseeable consequences.
As the foundling Tuala grows from fey child to beguiling young woman, and Bridei moves ever closer to his grand destiny, Broichan anticipates a perilous complication to his long-laid plans. And powerful forces both close to home and in other lands are ranged against the secret council – enemies who will employ whatever means they can to stop the druid from bringing his plan to fruition, even if they must endanger Bridei’s life.

What sold me: Juliet Marillier’s Daughter of the Forest


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