Jennifer Greene – "Blame It On Cupid"

25 Jan

GENRE: Romance / Contemporary

The back blurb:
“Eleven-year old Charlene is not impressed with Merry, her new guardian. Clearly the woman needs some major help in the parenting department. Their neighbor Jack could be the right man for the job – but doesn’t look as though the two grown-ups are ever going to get together without help.
Jack recognizes a short-distance runner when he sees one, and Merry fits the bill. The gorgeous party girl is so unprepared to take charge of the totally fun-proof Charlene, he
almost feels sorry for her. Almost.
Merry is in way over her head. Who would have thought that a vow written on a cocktail napkin would make her a parent long before her time … or that a rock-solid man and a serious little girl would ever become the two most important people in her life?
Merry has finally found something worth fighting for. Now all she has to do is figure out just how to fight!”

It’s ironic that I got Blame It on Chocolate only because I wanted to read Blame It On Cupid … and that I ended up liking Blame It On Chocolate more than Blame It On Cupid.

The reason I was interested in Blame It On Cupid was that it seemed to have an interesting, not your run-of-the-mill heroine. And it did. Merry is fun and refreshing to read about. The hero, Jack, is quite endearing in his total clueless-ness about his feelings and wishes. He keeps wondering why I does the things he does, for example trying to comfort Merry even though he knows she’s a total nutcase.

My problem with Blame It On Cupid was that the parenting issues overshadowed IMO the romance between Merry and Jack. It’s just something I wasn’t expecting from reading the back blurb. Charlene has, understandably, real issues after her father’s death, and Jack’s sons have problems, too. So these get more stage time as the story progresses and change the mood of the story to something a bit more serious. My bad that I got this novel for the fun element.

Like Blame It On Chocolate, Blame It On Cupid is a joy to read. I like the way Greene writes. There’s also a sense of warmth and maturity in the writing and the story that appeals to me very much. Even the convenient no-worries-about-money, everything-is-taken-care-of circumstance didn’t bother me.

Blame It On Cupid was not what I expected but I can’t do different than say it was good.

Would I recommend this novel? Yes.

Would I read this novel again? Maybe.

Grade: 4 / 5


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