Film: "Final Fantasy VII – Advent Children"

15 Dec

I watched this film two times. The first time with the German synchronisation which is – who is surprised about it? – bad. Then the second time with the English one which is better. I also thought the film the second time better – because I picked up more things then.

I don’t think Advent Children is just pure eye candy. There are some nice (and subtle) things I only got the second time because a lot of things are only hinted at and easy, maybe inevitable, to miss the first time. So Advent Children is not just action without a plot. There is some if you look for it. But nevertheless, I really think of it as a looooooooong ending sequence to Final Fantasy VII (PS1 game) in which Cloud gets to solve his hang-ups with something that happened during the game. Of course, it also serves to bring back memories of the favourite (?) villain in the Final Fantasy universe.

There is a bonus feature on the DVD which tells the story of the game again with in-game sequences. In all honesty, I have to say that this was the first time I really got the story of Final Fantasy VII in the game because the German translation of the game is so bad most of the time I didn’t get what they were talking about, it was all jumbled and random. Of course, I might be that I was just to dense to get it. Anyway, I really had to struggle to keep me from starting the game.


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