Game Comment: "Jade Cocoon 2" (PS2)

14 Sep

In Jade Cocoon 2 you’re playing a young boy named Kahu. He wants to become a beasthunter. Unfortunately, during his license exam someting goes awry and Kahu ends up being cursed by a fairy, Nico. Kahu can heal himself if he finds the four magical orbs hidden deep in the elemental forests. So Kahu sets off to save himself. Since this is a RPG you can bet there is more at stake than just Kahu’s health.

What I liked:

  • customizing and optimizing the beasts: this aspect of the game is similar to the fusion system used in Shin Megami Tensei: Lucifer’s Call. Here it’s called merging. It’s always fun trying to get good abilities for your beast.
  • a lot of side quests: nearly always a plus

What I didn’t like:

  • slow levelling up: as much fun as optimizing the beasts is, it’s much less fun when you have to wait and wait for your beast to level up; and then level up again and up again … I thought the balance here was a bit off.
  • lots of confirm buttons to click: each and every action you have to confirm. It’s good to wait for confirmation if something changes, but I thought the confirmation that something did change a bit much, especially since each confirmation took around one second to register (or is that again just a problem of the European version?). Merging was really tedious because of this.

Did I enjoy playing this game? Yes.

Would I recommend this game? Depends on the person who’s asking; in general – probably no.

Grade: 4 / 5


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