Marilyn Pappano – “Somebody’s Hero”

12 Sep

GENRE: Romance / Contemporary
PUBLISHED: Silhouette Books, 2006 (Sil Intimate Moments #1427)

The back blurb:
“Romance writer Jayne Miller was determined to make a new life for herself and her daughter, far from the heartache she’d left behind. She arrived in a late-winter storm – only to collide with a snow-dusted stranger. Her neighbor Tylor Lewis seemed to live a solitary life on his own terms, but his constant presence soon made her see past the brooding loner to the passionate man ready to break free of his brutal past. What would it take to convince Tyler that he wasn’t somebody’s tarnished hero – but the love of this woman’s life?”

I bought this novel based on this review on AAR (and I think there was some discussion on it on a message board). It was a good decision. I really liked Somebody’s Hero and I think it shows well what can be done with this format.

Many parts of the story are told from the hero’s perspective. He went through a lot in his past and getting his perspective and thoughts on it helped because even though everybody in town knows what happened nobody talks (gossips) about it with Jayne. It takes some time until Jayne (and the reader) knows what makes Tyler keep himself apart from people.

I liked that Jayne is a romance writer because this leads to some nice clashes between romance and reality. For example, Jayne’s thoughts when she thinks “Lewis” is Tyler’s first name:

“Lewis,” she repeated. He didn’t look like a Lewis. Naming characters was important in her work; sometimes it took longer to find just the right name for a character than it had to name Lucy. A Lewis should be older, heavier, less brooding. This Lewis was tall, lean though broad-shouldered, scowling and somewhat handsome.”

These meta-romance-like thoughts continue throughout the story and added a nice touch to it.

Somebody’s Hero is a nice story and I have to think very hard to come up with any missteps. Maybe there’s a slight overcompensation on Tyler’s part for something he did in the past? But that it stretching it. All I can say is, I liked the characters, thought the love story between Tyler and Jayne believable, Lucy was not annoying, and Jayne got her romance in reality. Did you doubt it?

There’s an epilogue on Marilyn Pappano’s website. It’s posted under “News and Views”, August 16, 2006. Here’s the link. It got cut due to length.

Would I recommend this novel? Yes.

Would I read this novel again? Yes.

Grade: 4,5 / 5


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